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Fifty Days for Fifty Chairs: Eastertide Project

The present chairs in the nave of the church have passed their useful life. Our project for the season of Eastertide, the fifty days between Easter Day and Pentecost, is to replace them with new, better quality chairs. An anonymous benefactor has offered to supplement our own giving by matching chair for chair. We therefore need to raise funds for only fifty chairs to gain the one hundred we need. $250 will purchase one chair with a small brass plaque, which can bear a short line of dedication (eg in memory of John Smith 1945-2019, or, in thanksgiving for the marriage of John and Mary Smith 1950 or for blessings received, Mary Smith, or St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne etc). If you would like to purchase one or more chairs please contact the Rector or the parish office or donate below. If we succeed in raising the funds before Pentecost, we will have delivery of the whole set of chairs by the Feast of Dedication in September/October this year (celebrating the day in 1978 when the church was consecrated).

We have raised the intended amount and the chairs have been ordered! They should be in our sanctuary as planned.