Saint John's in the Village

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 “Why do I kneel before your empty tomb?

You are not here, for you are everywhere;

The grass, the trees, the air, the wind, the sky,

Nothing can now refuse to be your home;

Nor I Lord live in me and I shall live.”

                                 Andrew Young

The English poet Andrew Young captures the essence of Easter! A New promise is felt by those who saw their Lord crucified. A disturbing peace filled their hearts and their spirits. They realized that while the tomb was empty, their Christ and our resurrected Lord was indeed raised within their very lives.

This became starkly evident for me on our first Easter day in the northern hemisphere, almost 20 years ago now. As I walked from our house to Saint Luke’s church in Darien CT, it was as if the daffodils and crocuses called my name. This was our first spring in the United States. Living in South Africa, we experienced Easter during early autumn. Somehow in that, albeit brief moment, Easter was revealed differently. I was conscious that the spring bulbs were entombed all those months – now the world would become their stage. It was as if I not only heard my name being called, it also seemed as if they sang a song of bright and glorious Alleluias!

I knew that it was Easter! Despite the uncertainties of living in a new land, I knew in the depths of my soul that resurrection brings new life. I felt a deep sense that through the gift of creation an eternal Alleluia echoed and re-echoed in my being.

I pray that Easter joy will be yours. I pray that we shall all move beyond our tombs, and know that Christ, the Morning Star, the Risen One, lives in us

My wife Jenny and our family join me in wishing you and your loved ones, a Holy and Joyous Easter!

With my prayers and Easter blessings of Joy and Hope,

Alleluia, Alleluia, Christ our Lord is risen today!


 May the Risen Jesus give you Peace!



The Reverend Canon Alan G. Dennis